Twitter? Facebook? Put Down the Social Media and Pick Up the Telephone | buzztwang
I did not watch the Oscars last night. Which is something of a rarity. Rather, I spoke on the phone with an old friend who rang me up out of the blue. We talked through nearly the entire show. And, I can say that I did not miss the award show one bit. As most of my friends who call or speak with me on the phone know, I love to talk, at length, about anything and everything - from politics to personal life - and some conversations are marathons. Because of that, I have a good number of old and new friends who seek me out for just that: long, very specific, multiple-topic, gregarious, nostalgic, personal, emotional, intellectual, political, spiritual, goofy conversations, and / or just plain old chat-chat. Our long conversations are a throwback to the days when we'd meet at the pub, sit down over a pint (or two or three) and eat some food and just talk about our lives, the world in general, politics, music, cinema. Today, the 138 year-old phone allows us to have those conversations