Oscar Picks | buzztwang
It's that time of year again, and the show starts in an hour, which is traditionally when I like to dump my over-opinionated Oscar picks on an unsuspecting world. Best Picture - Avatar. Usually this category is a popularity contest, so Avatar should win handily. Of the nominees, I think Up and An Education are the best films. Precious was amazing in many ways, but a bit over dramatic at times. Repetitive thematically, but grounded in some of the best acting this year. Hurt Locker was also incredibly well made, although I thought the theme was a bit derivative of most war films. I would have loved to seen the war adrenaline junkie angle explored more in depth. Best Actor - Jeff Bridges is due. This a tough call. Colin Firth is amazing, as is Morgan Freeman. Clooney's turn in Up in the Air is great as well, but it doesn't stand out IMHO as much as the others. It would be nice to see Jeremy Renner come from behind and take it all. Best Actress - Sandra Bullock. The Academy loves to give