A taste for torture | buzztwang
The simple fact of the matter is: we are better than torture. We are, or at least we once were... The country that held the moral high ground during the Nuremburg trials would not condone torture of enemies. Torture was the tactic of savages, of the evil Japanese Empire, the Nazi's, the Soviets, the Red Army, the Khymer Rouge...Not the USA.Robert Greenwald has a new video, which is directly below.Digby is keeping this issue on the fire, by posting some posts from the past. Here's one that I wrote two and a half years ago as well.Hot topic at: Empty Wheel, and Think Progress, and Open Left and Attytood.This shall not stand. Our failure of a president supports torture. We do not. Write to your local press or nearest media outlet and let them know.Then, get thee over to Condi Must Go and sign the petition. buzz-twang : news and views : blog