Water Drop Photography On A Budget | Darren Lewis photographer
Water Drop Photography On A Budget This is a great way to start your self off doing water drop photography the hard way..... No triggers or any other type of high speed photography gizmo's just you and your camera... the whole setup cost under £20 retort stand from ebay (uk seller) delivered in 2 days was £8.99 the valve to regulate the water drops was £1.40 on ebay but you can find these on any aquarium shop/ they are an air line regulator valve they have a small tap to control the air flow / water flow in our case the water tank can be anything you want it to be but to make it easy i used a turkey baster from quality save £0.99 and its almost a perfect fit for the air line regulator valve just neeed to wrap a bit of ptfe tape around it and push it in...... ptfe tape can be found in a plumbing kit from most pound shops in the uk..... so its under £15 pounds in total... all you need to do to setup is focus your camera on where ther water drops land so to do this use a pen / pencil