High speed photography #plutotrigger | Darren Lewis photographer
First attempt at shooting bb's from a bbgunusing the smart trigger by Pluto Triggerafter making some adjustments on the app settings (yes this trigger is controlled by a smartphone app) compattable with android and apple.................... these are by no meens the best i can do but just the first i caught and i was only using the cameras popup flash so not bad at all.. this smart trigger is well worth its small price and with the app to controll it there can be so much more that can be added to its workings.. look out for more posts about this as im shooting visit Pluto Trigger now Why wait for the next model dslr camera upgrade when your old one will do just fine ... cameras get smarter with the new Pluto Trigger with 24 modes of shooting this new camera trigger will get you and you camera shooting things you thought you couldnt do,,, so many modes to set this great little trigger too where to start.. (we wont cover them all as im just starting to use this