Pixeluvo – Beautiful Images Made Easy | Darren Lewis photographer
Pixeluvo is a new generation of photo editing software designed for Windows and Linux users. Equipped with a full set of cutting edge tools, features and functions, Pixeluvo offers users a Photoshop-style experience but with an affordable price tag Coupled with a streamlined and intuitive user interface, Pixeluvo is a must have tool for any amateur photographer wanting to create premium results. Unlike other high end photo editing tools that require hefty investments of both time and money, Pixeluvo is simple, streamlined and affordable. The powerful image manipulation tool is ideal for part-time photographers that want to keep overheads down, without settling for a substandard finished product. Thanks to the integration of powerful features and functions, Pixeluvo users can edit images to an utterly professional standard. The suite offers full support for RAW image editing which allows users to make the most of the extra precision available in unprocessed files. For part