'The Boy on the Roof' | Bryan Cutts
Bryan directed (and co-produced with Sideswipe Productions) Allan Mackay's nail biting story in March and April 1996. The scene is set when past schoolboy football hero, Mickey, holds siege on a city building's roof, with his father's rifle. Dean, his mate... and football rival, is sent up to talk Mickey down. The play is a fast moving and dramatic one-act work. Characters Cast Members Mickey Dean Julie Mason / Clerk & Officer Joseph Williams Juan Modinger Yvette Tattam Greg Poppleton Production Team Director / Co-Producer: Bryan Cutts Co-producers: Sideswipe Productions Stage Manager: Troi O'Donoghue Lighting Design: Tim Cramsie Lighting Operation:Terry Burgan Sound Engineer: Pat Powell Sound Operation: Michelle Pon-Burgan Set Design & Construction: Terry Burgan snr Production Photographer: Keith McIlroy