'Social Security' | Bryan Cutts
Bryan directed Andrew Berman's smash hit comedy in November 1992 and then by demand, produced a return season March 1993. It is the story of how Barbara and David Khan successful and rich art dealers, handle unexpected and definitely unwanted family problems. Barbara undergoes a fascinating emotional transition as she attempts to cope with the issues of promiscuity, sexual reawakening, and the effect they have on her own life. It is this, combined with sibling rivalry, the wisdom that comes with age, and the bending of supposed moral values that makes this an entertaining comment on family relations. Characters Cast Members Barbara Khan David Khan Trudy Heyman Martin Heyman Sophie Greengrass Maurice Keonig Chelsea Bentley Todd Le May Nina Sbresni Keith McIlroy Suzanne Borsay Don Moran Production Team Producer / Director: Bryan Cutts Associate Producers: Keith McIlroy & Don Moran Set Design: Carol Scott Lighting Design: Tim Cramsie Lights Operator: Dominic Sbresni