'Birth, Death and Everything Between' | Bryan Cutts
In March and April 2004, Bryan co-produced and directed 'Birth, Death and Everything Between', which opened to critical acclaim. It was not only the press who lauded the show: Sydney's audiences also bestowed praise well beyond expectations. With over 80 artworks on display and a theatrical production featuring an ingeniously interwoven pastiche of dramatic and comic monologues, ' Birth, Death and Everything Between ', was presented at the wonderfully bohemian arts-space, Darlinghurst's TAP Gallery. This extraordinary show guided the audience on a journey through the cycle of life. 'Birth Death and Everything Between' chronologically charted the 9 major stages of life: Birth, Childhood, Teens, First Love, Marriage & Family, Mid-Life, Retirement, Illness & Frailty and Death. The fantastic theatre production featured a collection of monologues, song and poetry: including works taken from Foetal Attraction by Australia's Kathy Lette and Melbourne's author Helen Garner's short