'Beginner at Life' | Bryan Cutts
In October 2008, Bryan directed 'Beginner at Life'. This production, the first outside of the American continent, is written by Canandian playwright Alana Ruben Free. An intensely intimate monologue about a woman's discovery of her own body. This play inspires and challenges audiences with an uncommon honesty about coming into womanhood. It embraces themes of sexuality, spirituality and anorexia with a poetic wit and a unique and surprising perspective. "Alana Ruben Free's script is intelligent and emotionally engaging... Donna Brooks gives a captivating performance... Genuinely valuable and inspiring." - Gareth Beal, Arts Hub "Innovative, universal.Donna Brooks gives a moving performance. The playwright's honesty and courage is confronting." - Lexi Landsman, Australian Jewish News "The portrayal by Donna Brooks - remember her name - is utterly convincing.... Cutts has adeptly used minimalist stage props, lighting, and positioning in a clever way to remove any ambiguity between the