Role Player | Bryan Cutts
"If you want a true ROI, use professionals." While using employees, colleagues or other 'volunteers' is considered an easy option, programme facilitators are often frustrated when attempting to deliver sound learning outcomes simply because these 'ring-ins' are not able to deliver 'truthfully'. A professional actor and improviser will prepare for the role and situation(s) in-depth. The level of performance delivered is realistic. This allows the learning participants the freedom to focus on developing their skills instead of being concerned for the welfare of their colleague in a tense scenario, or being distracted by a fellow participant's over-the-top responses and humour. Utilising professional actors and improvisers is a sound business decision when considering your aims and objectives. Participants are given the opportunity to 'get their hands dirty' by practising scenarios they will face in professional 'real life' situations, in a constructive, and more importantly, a safe