A New Class of Boston Ska/Punk Bands | Boston Ska (dot) net
Having only been in Boston for a few months now, I'm not exactly an authority on the scene (yet). It's not necessarily my place to decide who's new and old, but the following three bands all introduced themselves as new in the Boston Ska Facebook Group. This may say more about my own interests or how plugged-in I am (read: my age), but I find it interesting how much ska/punk seems to be coming out of Boston right now. It seems like the other scenes seem to still be generating more traditional ska or reggae revival acts. I think I'm partial to the later, but I'm also stoked to see new faces interested in ska of any sort. Poor Jeremy wins for being totally unpretentious and for a bio consisting solely of "Ashley wanted a ska band." That's good enough reason as any to start a band, don't blow smoke up my ass with how you met what bands you've been in. The sound reminds me of early Big D and they've got the energy to back that sound. Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, or stream