WATCH THIS: Dexta Daps "F U" Official Music Video • Boomshots
The Dappa Continues To Explore The Unspoken Dramas That Unfold In The Bedroom As the Jamaican Proverb goes, who cyaa hear aguh feel. And for budding dancehall crooner Dexta Daps, he learns the hard way from his main female Denyque in the video treatment for “F U.” Shot by Dunwell Productions, the tune finds Dappa Don suffering the consequences of all those sexual encounters he sang about in 2013 with “Pretty Nicki,” as him find out seh girlfriend ah f*ck pon him too. Video After The Jump… “Never even cross my mind, is a girl weh a par wid me all the time.” Run that… The three-minute clip shifts back and forth between Dex and Denyque, as they both have their cake and nyaam it too. I guess he was right: “Jealous Ova is a real life supm”, he told Boomshots when we caught up with him after his set at the Oracabessa festival in Queens, NYC last year. Like Boomshots on Facebook. Subscribe to Boomshots TV Follow @Ru_Porter Follow @ReshmaB_RGAT Follow @Boomshots Related