Chronixx & Zinc Fence Band "Ain't No Giving In" Live From Germany • Boomshots
Here Comes Trouble! Real Reggae Music Coming To A City Near You As Chronixx & the Zinc Fence Band blaze their way across Europe, they have already performed in Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Denmark & Germany. This week the crew heads to Switzerland & Austria before flying home. Check out some highlights from the tour and see where Chronixx is playing in the USA. Video & US Tour Dates After The Jump… Chronixx live at U-Club, Wuppertal Germany April 13, 2013 Chronixx & Zinc Fence Take Over A Brussels Record Store Chronixx Freestyle on PartyTime.Fr French Radio Check those gloves! (Is it That Cold in France?) CHRONIXX & ZINC FENCE BAND START A FYAH U.S. TOUR DATES SUNDAY 19th May @ TORONTO, CANADA Venue : Opera House MONDAY 20th May @ NEW YORK, NYC Venue : S.O.B’s TUESDAY 21st May @ PHILADELPHIA, PEN THURSDAY 23rd May @ HARTFORD, CT Venue : West Indian Social Club FRIDAY 24th @ Mt VERNON, NY SATURDAY 25th May @ BOSTON, MA Venue : Kay Oasis SUNDAY 26th May @ MIAMI, FL Venue : BEST OF THE BEST THURSDAY 30th May @ WASHINGTON, DC FRIDAY 31st May @ RICHMOND, VI SATURDAY 1st June @ BRONX, NY Related