Fikl. Portuguese storylines from the Bonte Foundation collection, Lisbon, May – August 2017 | Bonte Foundation | Fundação Bonte
Hosted by Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, a majestic royal palace, Gheorghe Fikl's paintings bring to Lisbon a fascinating, highly symbolical Neo-Baroque work. Gheorghe Fikl is one of the most remarkable contemporary Romanian artists. With unparallelled drawing and painting skills, he creates a sumptuous, disquieting universe. His paintings are unreal spaces, loaded with colour and ornaments, which are inhabited by strange animals. His art creates a Baroque of our days by means of its violent, tragic sensuality, which leads to inherent meditation on our common human condition both in history and as a very private fragment of the present time. Important private collections in Romania, the USA, Portugal, England, France, Andorra, Luxemburg, and Germany own Gheorghe Fikl's paintings. The present exhibition, hosted by a number of rooms of the royal palace, has been organized by the Bonte Foundation, the Romanian Cultural Institute, and the Romanian Embassy in Lisbon. We must express our