Technical Specs | Bombshell - The Rock Show!
Bombshell The Rock Show! is a completely self-contained rock act with very few requirements needed from the venue / promoter. Bombshell The Rock Show! travels with a very modern, club sized sound system and light show. The system consists of: Front Of House: 2 - single 18" subwoofer cabinets per side 2 - double 12" front loaded mid/high frequency cabinet per side 1 - 32 x 8 digital mixing console and associated processing gear Monitor World: Bombshell The Rock Show! travels with a complete 4 stereo mix digital monitor system that includes in-ear-monitors. This monitor system includes an 18 channel split for FOH. The band will provide all microphones, cables, and stands to support their IEM system. Lighting: 2 - 6.5' sections of aluminum truss with crank stands 10 - Intelligent LED moving lights 11 - LED par cans 4 - conventional pinspot par cans 2 - conventional Par 56 par cans 1 - DMX lighting controller Bombshell The Rock Show! will require a stage and sufficient