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Admit it, board games and card games are a pure bliss when you are too lazy to go outdoors and don't want to fight with the heat and chills of summer and winters. You will be surprised after discovering the diverse nature of these games. One of the ultimate traits of these games is that due to the simple rules and regulations, it can be played by any age group. This feature of the game allows all the members of the family to sit and enjoy together. Another feature that allows the games to be intriguing is its affordable nature, and you can find board games at low prices. To make sure you relish your next holiday, we have hand-picked some truly fascinating board games under $15 on our cheap board games list: 10. Love letter 2-4 Players • Ages 10+ • 20 minutes to play This entertaining and award winning board game is all about a romantic chase to win the heart of the Princess of Tempest and confess the emotions and true love through your beautifully written love letter. But the quest is