Blended Aesthetics solution to dry winter skin. Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells first. Your skin can then absorb hydrators. Red palm oil is packed full of rich antioxidants that deeply nourish your skin cells. Ever’s skin care products including hydralift and smooth are must haves for day to day use. Red palm oil is a deep reddish orange ingredient that has many uses, even use it for cooking!
One problem most of us face (pun intended) is dry skin! I have used so many products on myself and clients over the years to combat this issue. While working as an aesthetician, I learned very quickly exfoliation is the first step. Exfoliation is complicated, as there are manual & chemical that give completely different results in the end. I absolutely love chemical exfoliation for cell renewal, collagen stimulation, deep hydration…and the list goes on! Manual exfoliation is extremely helpful with dry winter skin. Manual exfoliation is done by using a rough wash cloth, a fine grain scrub, or mild surface AHA solution or pad. Doing so, removes the dead skin cells, left over makeup, and oil from the skin. Your skin is able to absorb hydrators more easily following this step. What to use to get that deep hydration? First off, you want a really good everyday moisterizer!It honeslty makes the difference. If you suffer from breakouts, an oil free version might do- but sometimes your breakouts are do to lack of moisture(!) when your surface is dry, your sebaceous glands work hard to get moisture to the surface of your skin, hence the breakouts! How do you know if you need oil free? I’m sorry to say, it is trial and error. Many factors affect your largest organ, and it’s not a simple answer. I like using EVER’s hydralift for myself. I have a few customers that have had success with EVER’s hydralift oil free. Feel Free to send a message and I can make suggestions for your skin! Natural One ingredient life saver! Many of us run and grab the coconut oil (which is still my #1 go too). I also highly reccomend EVER’s smooth, it is a life saver for cracked,irritated, raw skin. I use it on my kids all the time, my son asks for it often. He uses hand sanitizer at school and his little hands are red and sore. (The smell is addicting too.). There is a RED superfood that often gets over looked! Unrefined Red Palm oil is a lifesaver! I learned about it while researching ingredients a few years ago, I started using it in my skincare and as a substitute for butter and oil for Cooking! The benefits of this rich reddish orange antioxidant packed ingredient is a must have! There is one negative to Red palm oil (don’t worry, the benefits outweighs the one thing….)IT is a RED oil, and sadly it will stain clothes, pillowcases, wash clothes. I reccomend using it during the day, or in a DIY face mask, or mixed in with your moisterizer. What makes this powerhouse Oil so great? Red Palm oil Is packed full of rich antioxidants that deeply nourish your skin cells. The properties in Red palm oil help to reverse damage in the skin’s cells and fibers. The These potent vitamins are pure in form, which making it versatile to consume in dishes as well as put on your skin! Antioxidants combined with anti-inflammatory properties, help to repair and fight free radical damage. The oil is buttery smooth with small seed like beads, these beads break down with heat and manipulation. Red palm oil is a raw oil, cold pressed, natural vitamin rich safe for everyone. RED PALM oil properties Vitamin A (alpha-carotene and beta-carotene) Vitamin E(tocopherols and tocotrienols) Myristic Acid LinoleicAcids (omega 6) palmitic Acid Lauric Acid linolenic Oleic Acids (omega 9) Carotenoids Phytosterols The brand I reccomend using is Nutivia NATURALS. hopefully there is some relief for your dry winter skin! Aesthetically, Katie Brown