Dry mascara? No problem! · Blended Aesthetics
Ok, so you bought “good for you” mascara…one problem… It dries up too quickly! If you have ever used mascara that isn’t full of yucky ingredients, most likely you have ran into this disappointing issue. Right now I am using EVER skincare’s Whiplash it gives amazing length and volume! Why? Due to the paraffin and synthetic beeswax in most of these mascaras, they build up on eachother hence the amazing lashes! But unfortunately, they build up on the brush and in the tube! Bummer, right?! Not really….I know I would rather have this happen than brush on damaging chemicals close to my eyeballs everyday! There is a quick fix! I think mascara tubes should come with a little hydration dropper, genius..I know 😉 One old trick is to boil a cup of water and set your mascara tube in in (closed) and that breaks it down and it’s like new again, this does work! It is pretty temporary. Another is my favorite, I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I mist my brush with a few pumps of hydration mist every week. This keeps it from building up in the first place! I use glominerals moist hydration or Avene Eau thermale mist. Make sure what you use is not full of alcohols or plain ol’ water! Back when I wore contacts, a few times I used contact solution. If I remember correctly, it worked pretty well. I have heard saline eye drops will do the trick easily if you have those on hand. Questions? Connect with me and i’ll Do my best to help you get the answers you are looking for! Katie