4 ingredient cream cheese face mask! · Blended Aesthetics
This weather is BLAH! 4 ingredient homemade face mask to the rescue! I went to mix up a yogurt face mask to help brighten my skin and maybe help me feel a little better…to my surprise (not really) there wasn’t any yogurt that was flavor free in the refrigerator. I spy some cream cheese that is unopened, although it isn’t organic I decided something is better than nothing! Next time, (and if you decide to give this a try) I will use organic because I’m guessing most of the nutrients in the brand i used are processed out for topical skin benefits. Cream cheese actually has many benefits to the skin when applied topically. Latic acid-dissolve dead skin cells Vitamin A-dissolve dead skin cells and an antioxidant Zinc- repairs cells and helps skin cells regenerate fats- moisturizing Raw honey is a superhero for the skin! It must be RAW honey! “Honey” that is everywhere isn’t even honey…make sure it is antibacterial- great for acne! 7 complex essential vitamin B – healing, repair, help retain moisture, reduce fine lines, help reverse sun damage amino acid chains- repair damaged cells and block free radicals enzymes- break down dead skin cells. Olive oil just a few drops will do! antioxidant- blocks free radicals from damaging the skin hydrating squalene oil- keeps in moisture while using antioxidants benefiting the skin polyphenols – catch and nuetralize free radicals Lemon essential oil use pure lemon essential oil! Vitamin C- antioxidant, prevent and treat UV damage citric acid- naturally lighten skin/photodamage, antioxidant, speed up cell turnover, antiseptic lemon oil-promotes cell turnover, balances PH of skin, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, protect melanin cells. Mix up all these ingredients and apply a thin layer for 10 minutes The mask will dry, rinse with warm water. Make sure you remove all, or you might smell like sour milk! Let skin dry or blot dry. Apply a rich moisturizer to seal in the antioxidants. I use EVER hydralift, it is my favorite! If you are going to apply makeup after, you may want to wash your face with a gental cleaner prior to your moisterizer, or you may feel a slight film left over on the skin. Contact or contact us. Check out products we love to get more info on some of the products we use! aesthetically yours, Katie