Overdue Post! Mt. Kandungaw, Kawasan Falls, & Moalboal Itinerary + Budget - Bia S.
Ni Hao everyone! Hope you don’t mind reading this super overdue post that was supposed to be posted last year. I decided to still push through this cause some of my friends have asked me about our budget and itinerary on our Cebu south trip which we had last October 7-8, 2017, so overdue, right? So our DIY 2D/1N south trip covered trekking to Mt. Kandungaw at Dalaguete, short visit to Kawasan Falls at Badian, and Island Hopping at Moalboal. Day 1 – Mt. Kandungaw and Kawasan Falls 4:00 AM Depart from Cebu City to Dalaguete First on our list is Trekking to Mt. Kandungaw Peak at Dalaguete. To get to Dalaguete, ride a bus going to Bato via Barili at South Bus Terminal and don’t forget to inform the driver beforehand to drop you off the bus stop near 7/11 at Dalaguete, or you could just inform him that you’re going to Osmeña Peak (bus stop for Mt. Kandungaw and Osmeña Peak are just the same). 6:00 AM Arrival at Dalaguete At the 7/11 bus stop at Dalaguete, there will available Habal-habals (motorcycle services) that would take you to Mt. Kandungaw jump-off point. Standard one-way price going to the jump-off point is PHP 100, but for our case since we will be going to Kawasan falls after, we had to pay another PHP 500. 6:45 AM Arrival at Mt. Kandungaw Jump-off Point Upon arriving at the jump-off point, you will have to pay PHP 30 for the entrance/environmental fee. There will also be a briefing about the trek, what to expect, and dos and don’ts. 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM Trekking to Mt. Kandungaw Peak Trail was not easy as Osmeña Peak’s, but our workmates who already been to Mt. Kandungaw have already warned us about it. I’ve been to Osmeña Peak for a couple of times already that’s why I could really see the difference. The trail at Osmeña Peak was just like a 20-minute walk in the park, indeed best for beginners. No mountain climbing just inclined and rocky steps, but not super inclined. The trail to Mt. Kandungaw was really challenging. The first challenge was to climb up the 200+ huge step stairs. It was so damn tiring, especially that we didn’t have enough sleep (or did we even sleep?). What’s more challenging is that it rained the night before, that’s why the trail was so muddy and slippery. TIP: So guys, it’s really best to wear the right trekking footwear. Instead of slippery and muddy trails, you’ll also be able to do literal mountain climbs. It was actually my first time do literal mountain climbing that’s why I got very anxious especially that it was quite dangerous because the rocks were slippery due to last night’s rain. Good thing, our tour guide was such a veteran already and he was able to assist us all. Along the trek, we were also able to visit two caves. I didn’t enter the first one cause I got too tired and decided to just take a rest. I could not remember really, if took us an hour to reach the peak? But for me, it felt like reaching the peak for 2 hours. I swear in the middle of the trek my legs were shaking already and I already wanted to stop and just go back. Thankfully, I still managed to survive it! It was such a great experience reaching the peak. The view was just so beautiful leaving me at awe. Back at the jump-off point, we ate our baon, a canned paella, just to refill and gain some energy back. 11:00 am – 12:30 PM Travel to Kawasan Falls, Badian TIP: It’s best to bring a shawl with you to cover up your face cause it’s going to be a long, bumpy, and dusty travel going to Kawasan Falls, Badian. 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM Lunch and Short Visit at Kawasan Falls As you can see, it wasn’t the clear blue Kawasan Falls that we expected during our visit because it rained the night before. That’s why we just had our lunch there and had a short swim. TIP: When you arrive at Kawasan Falls, don’t be fooled by locals that would offer you expensive cottage rates and tell you that there are no more available cottages at the upper levels of Kawasan. Usual cottage rate is only at PHP 300 and the best place to rent is at Level 2. 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Travel to Moalboal Back to the entrance of Kawasan Falls, there will be available tricycles for hire that could take you to Moalboal. Just tell the driver the name of your hostel/accommodation. Fare going to Panagsama Beach, Moalboal from Kawasan Falls is only PHP 50. 3:30 PM Arrival at Panagsama Beach, Moalboal and Check-in at Le Village Hostel We booked our accommodation at Le Village Hostel via It’s actually a dorm-type hostel, but since we were in a group, we were able to get the whole room for us. The beach from our hostel is a 10 minute walk distance. It was low-tide at around 5:00 PM so we weren’t able to swim, instead we just watched the sun set. Day 2- Moalboal Island Hopping 6:30 AM Wake-up Call and Breakfast We were supposed to eat breakfast at our hostel, but the staffs were still sleeping by the time we woke up. So we did got a hard time finding food for breakfast. Luckily, there was a store selling bread and hard-boiled egg. Well, it’s better than nothing. 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM Island Hopping At around 7:30 AM, a tricycle picked us up in our hostel for our Island Hopping. We were able to rent a boat with snorkels and life vests for only PHP 2,000, and it will already cover 3 stops – Pescadores Island, Sardine Run, and Turtle Watching. For the boat rental, we have just informed the staff in our hostel and they made the arrangement for us. It’s funny cause I’ve heard the staff telling the Island Hopping contact person “Mga pinoy ra ni sila.” (“They’re just Pinoys”). That’s why our boat rental was just for only PHP 2,000. Their posting price is at PHP 3,500, just try to haggle the staff to give you a lower rate. TIP: Best to wear aqua shoes, cause you’ll be stepping to lots of corals, especially if you decide not to wear your life vest. Probably the highlight of the trip, being able to witness the sardine run. It’s just so amazing seeing thousands of sardine swimming together and making different formations. Well I don’t know how you call that, but just wow! 1:00 PM Check-out at Le Village Hostel, Depart from Moalboal to Cebu City We ate lunch at our hostel to cap off our weekend south trip. At 1:00 PM we checked out at Le Village Hostel, then we hired a tricycle to send us off at the bus stop. Fare from Panagsama Beach to the bus stop is only PHP 10. Gladly we were able to catch a bus immediately as we arrived at the bus stop. 4:00 PM Arrival at Cebu City Well, that’s it for our DIY 2D/1N Cebu City South trip. So if you want to try something new, aside from Oslob and Osmeña Peak, you should definitely try this itinerary. Favorite part of the trip? Moalboal Island Hopping. It’s just so amazing being able to see the beauty under the sea, especially the sardine run. Budget Breakdown Bus Fare (Cebu City – Dalaguete) PHP 120 Habal-habal Fare (Dalaguete – Mt. Kandungaw – Kawasan Falls) PHP 600 Mt. Kandungaw Peak Fee PHP 50 Kawasan Falls Entrance Fee PHP 50 Cottage Rent at Kawasan Falls PHP 300/7 ~ PHP 43 Tricycle Fare (Kawasan Falls, Badian – Panagsama Beach, Moalboal) PHP 50 Le Village Hostel Accommodation ~PHP 340 Moalboal Island Hopping PHP 2000/6 ~ PHP 286 Bus Fare (Moalboal – Cebu City) PHP 115 Food PHP 500 Total ~PHP 2,154 Related