DIY Budget Sumilon Island Day Tour - Bia S.
Sumilon Island is known as one of the major tourist spots in the province of Cebu and one of the best sandbars here in the Philippines. The sandbar island has an area of 24 hectares and isprivately owned by Bluewater Resorts. Day tour rate is PHP1,500 on weekdays and PHP2,000 on weekends and holidays per head. Inclusions: Entrance fee Buffet lunch with one round of non-alcoholic drink Roundtrip boat transfers (Mainland Bancogon Sumilon Island Mainland Bancogon) Island Activities (kayaking, snorkeling free use of mask and snorkel, island trekking and fish feeding) Use of resort facilities including beach, infinity pool, payags and shower rooms Visit their website for more details: Entering the resort is really kind of pricey especially if you want to go on a budget-friendly trip. But, you don’t have to worry because the private resort has a public area outside for those tourists who would just like to access the sandbar island at a lesser cost. Here’s how we did it. 3:30 AM Depart from Cebu City We had a private car with us. But you have the option to ride the bus going to Oslob at South Bus Terminal. Fare is PHP165. 4:45 AM – 5:30 AM Stopover at Carcar City Main goal was to buy lechon for our lunch at Carcar city’s public market. Since the lechons are said to be available at 5:00 AM, we had sikwate (hot cocoa + bico) for breakfast while waiting. At exactly 5:00 AM, lechons were already starting to arrive. Free tastes are also available per stall. Gosh, fresh lechons are the best here in Carcar! Price is about PHP260 per kilo. 7:30 AM Arrival at Oslob, Check-in at a Hostel Port going to Sumilon Island is just next to Oslob Whale Shark Watching site. Since we will just avail the public area at Sumilon Island, it’s best check in at a Bed&Breakfast hostel in Oslob for you to leave your things and take a bath after the trip at the sandbar island. There’s a lot of budget-friendly Bed&Breakfast hostels along the way in the town of Oslob. I forgot the name where we checked in, but it was just less than PHP1000 for one room. 8:15 AM – 8:30 AM Travel to Sumilon Island Public 2-way boat transfer going to Sumilon Island is PHP1,500for a group of 5. If you’re less than 5, wait for other tourists whom you could share with to save some cash. 8:30 AM Arrival at Sumilon Island Upon arriving at the island, there would be an environmental fee of PHP50 to be collected by the locals. After paying the environmental fee, you may already proceed to the public area wherein you could leave your food and things there. Comfort/shower room is also available at the public area for PHP20 per use. It’s best to take a shower at your hostel in Oslob cause there’s only 2 shower rooms available. Unfortunately, it was high tide that time that’s why the sandbar wasn’t that visible yet. However, the beach was such a beaut with its crystal clear water and powdery white sand. You could also rent snorkels for PHP50 and do snorkeling at their fish sanctuary around the island. Life vests are also available for free. Just ask the locals where you could borrow. At around 11:00 AM, the beach becomes crowded due to tourists arriving from time to time. Most of the tourists do whale shark watching first before going to Sumilon Island. So if you haven’t done whale shark watching yet it’s best to try it to complete your Oslob experience. 12:30 PM – 12:45 PM Travel from Sumilon Island -Bancogon Oslob At around 12:30 PM, we decided wrap up our Sumilon Day tour already so that we could travel early back to Cebu. 2: 00 PM – 6:00 PM Travel from Oslob – Cebu City That’s it for our Budget Sumilon Island Daytour. So great that I was already able to see the beautiful Sumilon Island without too much cost. TIPS Book a room at Oslob to leave your things there. Bring food and drinks with you cause there are no stores available at the island’s public area. Don’t worry cause there’s no corkage. I would suggest you buying lechon and puso at Carcar city’s public market. Best to buy a waterproof bag wherein you could put your valuables like cellphone and wallet. Wear aqua shoes when you take a swim at the beach, just in case cause I stepped on a sea urchin. Lol. Apply sunscreen/block cause it’s so freakin’ hot, not unless you really want to get tanned. Visit the island in the afternoon so that the sandbar will be visible. As what the local told me, the sandbar becomes visible around 3PM in the afternoon. BUDGET BREAKDOWN Round Trip Bus Fare (Cebu – Oslob) PHP 165 x 2 = PHP 330 Food PHP 150 Round Trip Boat Transfer (Mainland Bancogon – Sumilon Island) PHP 1500/5persons = PHP 300 Environmental Fee PHP 50 Comfort Room Fee PHP 20 Hostel Room ~PHP 200 Total ~PHP 1050 BLUEWATER SUMILON ISLAND RESORT Sumilon Island, Oslob, Cebu 6025 Tel: +6332 318 9098 Mobile:+63917 631 7512 or +63998 964 1879 Related