Macau Getaway 2016 - Bia S.
Hello, it’s me! It’s already been 2 months since my last post. And now, finally, I got to have the chance to share this trip we had last April 4-8, 2016 at Macau and Hong Kong. It’s actually my graduation gift from my parents, and it was totally priceless and worth it! In this post I will only be showing the places we’ve been in Macau during our tour. MACAU 1. Penha Hill 2. A-Ma Temple 3. Macau Tower 4. Kun Iam Statue 5. Venetian Macau 6. Senado Square 7. Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral We just had an overnight in Macau. We arrived in Hong Kong from Philippines at around 10AM, then took the TurboJet to Macau. Arrived past 12pm in Macau, had 4-hour tour in the afternoon, and had our last stop at Venetian Macau. Thanks to our tourist guide, Man, for taking us to these places. Communication was definitely hard. I observed that only a few people know how to speak English. That’s why we did had a hard time communicating to the people there. Especially when you’re in a restaurant, it’s so hard to ask what kind of dish is this, do you have this or that. The only way we communicated was pointing. lol. It was raining hard during the evening, that’s why we were not able to see the beauty of Macau during the night. Sayang! Pero sige lang, there will still be a next time! The next morning, from our Hotel, we took a 20-minute walk to Senado Square and St. Paul Ruins. It was 9am-ish and the weather was like about 19degrees cold! Overall, Macau’s a nice place. I love the narrow streets and the weather, definitely convenient for walking! How I wish walking here in the Philippines isn’t that bad! But pfft, hello tag-init! I will surely go back to this place soon! Watch out for my next post about our HK Getaway! 🙂 Ciao! Related