YWAM: Kenya Part 1
What a great way to celebrate my 22nd birthday, having arrived safely in Kenya and having lost half the team and my luggage in Germany! I've been named 'Pastor Ben' by the locals and am loving sharing the gospel with those we meet. So we're finally here, after 30 hours of travelling we were in Nairobi and after 1 more flight and a long drive we were in Awasi where we'd be living for the next two weeks for the first part of our international outreach in Kenya. Apart from experiencing a little jet lag and getting used to the temperatures, we were ready to get stuck into the work. Most of the last few days were spent with the children in the Orphanage we are living next to, and doing door to door evangelism. The door to door work we were doing here was much different than back at home though. Awasi is a fairly rural part of Kenya about an hour away from one of the bigger cities - Kisumu - and so is covered about 90% with fields, specifically sugar cane and tea. Getting to chew my first