Mandy Peterson: A Voice For Mother Earth | Bellésprit Magazine
Mandy Peterson is a talented empath, healer and channel for spirit, and lately she has become a voice for Mother Earth. The channelings Mandy receives are primarily from Archangel Ariel and a Being who connects himself with Galatians (a book from the Bible). Their messages all seem to be of the same plea, to help heal Mother Earth. In their plea to facilitate Her healing they wish to assist others in their awakening to a collective consciousness. Mandy states, "We are all responsible for what we manifest at a greater level than ourselves because we all contribute to a greater consciousness that is manifesting within the world. These Higher Beings help me with getting this message out to the world." At first Mandy was apprehensive about sharing her channelings wondering if people were ready to hear these messages. But when she began to see others were also receiving similar guidance regarding Mother Earth she then knew these messages needed to be heard universally. In March of 2011