AC/BC 2015 |
International CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL ANTWERP Sat 12 - Sun 13 September 2015 Steenplein Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium - A Craft Beer Celebration - registrations are coming in ! Germany, Italy , England, Holland , USA & Belgium have already got some beers represented But WE NEED MORE OF THEM …..Much more And Other countries AS WELL……………. So share and FORWARD THIS to every Beer Fan You Know For visitors this festival is completely FREE !!! (of course) The places for the AC/BC Festival are limited : So spread the word & hurry please Please Forward & Share , The Whole World has to be invited !! Weekly updates on Or mail us your phone number and we will call you asap, CHEERS Weekly updates so : More news, next week , Cheers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Captain Beerheart Foundation wants this event open to as many