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a.k.a. NemOry in the Digital World. Profile I'm 22 Years old born from the Philippines stayed there for 21 years and now in the US Jacksonville City, Florida. I'm half American half Filipino. I started programming when I was grade 3 elementary. like 12 years from now. I started programming with WML for Wap Sites. My facebook that time was or PinoyWAP & G-Blogs / Globe Blogs. A filipino social network wap site and that's where I started to learn about programming. I currently know how to program in: C/C++, QT, Javascript, Java, C#, Lua Script, PHP, Visual Basic. Markup languages: QML, HTML, XAML, XML. In the past 4 years I was an android developer for like 2 years. then switched to Windows Phone & Windows 8 Development. Then when BB10 Came out with SDKs and stuffs then I started BB10 Development. Also in the middle of BB10 development I did play around with Unity3D and created an awesome unfinished game Kelly Escape. And right now I'm very focused on making