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From Germany Profile Born in Germany, began developing in the age of 12. I got a Commodore C64 for christmas and I found it just extremely cool to get stuff working. Just like today with my BlackBerry. ;-) I began with Basic, learned some Assembler and C during industrial training and developed many years using Visual Basic at Work. Why BlackBerry? The reason and background of why you chose BlackBerry (if you also have BBOS experience, by all means – do tell) Because Nokia "asked me" to do so. :-D I was a Nokia fanboy for many years and I began to develop for those short after they bought Qt, a cross platform development framework for which I learned C++ from the ground up. It needs a lot of time to establish a completely new framework in your developer community and short after they invested several years, got everything ready and the first devices arrived at the market the hostile take-over by Microsoft began and I got asked to begin again from zero and learn now .NET development