Jeremy Duke | BlackBerry Blogs
From Alabama, USA! Profile I've always been a techy guy, but have traditionally been primarily focused on Web Development, building websites for clients. Currently, I am a Blackberry Cascades developer, BlackBerry Developer Elite member, and editor in chief / co-founder of OpenSourceBB (OSBB) where we attempt to educate developers, beginners and veterans alike. I have always been a Blackberry enthusiast, but when the BlackBerry PlayBook launched I decided to take a look at app development and chose the WebWorks SDK as my starting point. I made a couple of apps for the PlayBook including a preliminary version of my current Built for BlackBerry application, Space TV. Once the Cascades Native UI framework began taking shape for BlackBerry 10 devices, I decided to teach myself how to create native applications. My first app was SpaceTV and I used it to begin learning Cascades. Several months after launching v1 of SpaceTV, I had learned enough to completely rewrite and re-launch the app