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From Toronto, Canada! Profile I work professionally as a Transportation Planner using various programs such as ArcGIS and AutoCAD which have introduced me briefly to some programming in Python and HTML helping me in my personal app development. Ever since I was in University I had been interested in building my own mobile app. I went to the University of Waterloo which is where BlackBerry began. When it was time for me to upgrade from my iPhone I chose to support local and bought a Z10 on launch day. It was quickly apparent that there was a lack of apps for the platform at the time which made me decide to be part of the solution as opposed to just abandoning the platform. In the summer of 2013 BlackBerry held a competition called the BlackBerry Jam Camp in Waterloo which was a two-day trip to Waterloo to learn the basics of BlackBerry 10 programing and then the goal was to build a built for BlackBerry App during the following two months to get a free BlackBerry 10 device. There