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Residente in provincia di Varese, Italy. Profile Hobbyist developer, with knowledge of object oriented programming. Quite simply they are a computer expert, who for personal reasons, has developed its core business in the gas station and car wash self service. I choose BlackBerry because I've had the opportunity to participate in the BBJam World Tour in Milan, I was assigned a device Dev Alpha and respect for the trust given to me, I started my adventure. Obviously the ability to publish on a store free, to have a detailed documentation and a support forum from impressive were relevant. BlackBerry is like a family to me. I am honored to be able to develop on this platform and be a member of the BlackBerry Elite program. The platform is continuously improving and the opportunity to approach the enterprise sector is a new challenge / opportunity that I do not want to miss. Emm ... what else to add? If not that I am honored to be a developer on the BlackBerry 10 platform. Definitely