Ice Cubes – an amazing and addictive game by Marco Gallo | BlackBerry Blogs
Our dear friend Marco Gallo whom I nicknamed "the gaming machine" is not resting for a moment. Today he announced the launch a new game which we had the pleasure of getting an early taste. The game is called "Ice Cubes" as its name indicates its purpose, stacking as many ice cubes all the way to the top challenge or before they collapse. All you need to do is touch the screen in order to drop the ice cube on top of each other and stack them. At the end of the challenge, you also have the ability to share your experience on Facebook. A word of caution: This game is highly addictive!! so beware!! Game Features: Stack to the top challenge, or endless play! Show off your skills to your Facebook Friends! Simply tap the screen, could not be easier to play! Smooth effects, Shiny high quality graphics! Addictive gameplay! Our friend Roy has made a video demo of the game. Check this out: Ice Cubes is available at BlackBerry World for a price tag of $1.99 Ice Cubes screenshot gallery: