QuickPost v2.0 about to go live within hours | BlackBerry Blogs
QuickPost 2.0 Thank you for supporting QuickPost as we have grown and changed over the last year. QuickPost 2.0 has been completely redesigned and re-written with a whole new look and feel to enhance the QuickPost experience. A metric ton of new features are packed into this version, and... we still have more to come! Redesigned with a new icon, new logo, and user interface to keep you moving! With newly designed share target icons, an active frame, and a bright theme option, this is our biggest QuickPost release yet! Thank you for being part of Team QuickPost! New Features QuickPost Pro Passport & Classic Support Hub Integration Dropbox Support Trapeez Support Weibo Support Theme Settings – Dark & Bright Image Editing URL Shortening Enhanced QP Music – Includes Album Art Active Frame – Dark & Bright Theme Reset Button Help Library Factory Reset Enhanced Share QuickPost Introducing QuickPost Pro QuickPost Pro brings even more features and enhancements to further enhance