Lake George Fishing Spots – The Southern Humps – Part 1 | BassWisherman
I have been looking for Lake George fishing spots recently. On a recent post about Lake George Florida Topo map from Navionics I showed you (the ever loyal reader) 3 little mounds I had spied. Let me offer you a bit more information about that find. First a bit about their location. For now we will call them the Southern Humps. First the GPS coordinates are in contention. The Navionics app for android shows them at 29'13.843' N 81'34.930' W But those coordinates don't jive with Google at all. Google has the spot at (approximately as Google doesn't show lake bottom contours) 29.2275, -81.5804. Nevertheless coming from the south end of Lake George from the mouth of the channel fenders take a heading of 170 for 1.5 nautical miles. or from Marker 11 (southern mid lake) take a heading of 331 for .6 nautical miles. You can't miss the sonar signature. The Navionics app says that the humps are 7 feet deep at their shallow point and shows the surrounding lake bed is 10 feet. But