Birds and goannas of East Gippsland, Australia
I spent the last couple of weeks camping in a tent in east Gippsland which allowed one to witness the habits of the various creatures - they all seem to have a time of day when they would frequent the camp site or go hunting for food on the beaches. Before we start on the birds, one animal that is very common in East Gippsland and which you will almost certainly see on the gravel roads or in your camp site, is the Lace Monitor lizard or goanna which is around 4 foot long with a powerful tail and claws and some venom in its saliva like perhaps all reptiles, although unlike Australia's venomous snakes it cannot envenomate to cause significant systemic toxicity, but it's bite can cause local tissue damage and infection. They are carnivores and seek small animals, eggs or road kill. The ones around camp sites are very used to humans and will walk within a few meters but are generally wary and will not appreciate being approached, so give them their space and they will not be problematic