Emergency replacement of your jammed seat belt – Subaru Outback
While I was holidaying in a wilderness area recently, my driver's side seat belt mechanism in my 2006 Subaru Outback suddenly jammed and nothing I could do would un-jam it. This is extremely problematic as not only is is dangerous to drive the car without a seatbelt (in fact, probably more dangerous in a car fitted with air bags as the airbags are then likely to cause a hangman's fracture of your neck from hitting your head too low and hyper-extending your neck), but it is illegal in Australia and your car would be made un-roadworthy. I spoke to the local mechanics who said there was nothing one could do to repair it and it would need a new unit. Fortunately, I had access to the internet and by extensive Googling found that this indeed was probably the case, although some had managed to disassemble the mechanism (see videos at bottom of this blog) and un-jam the ball that causes the belt to lock - unfortunately, this did not appear to be a feasible option on this seat belt - and