A first holiday to Athens
I had mixed reports of Athens as a holiday destination - it seems the city polarises people - some hate it, some find it just a bearable necessity as an interim destination to the Greek isles, but very few said they liked it. So I left Australia with relatively low expectations, perhaps a good way to be and I was given a sense of fear of utilising the train services as pick pocketers are rife - and this proved to be the case for most of my colleagues who dared catch the trains - most lost their wallets or purses. But my experience of Athens was very different. I loved the place! I walked around everywhere and at any time - I walked at midnight taking photos and although I was a little careful of where I went at that time, I never felt I was in danger, and the streets were always clean. The locals I found were friendly and helpful, one just needed to be careful in the markets for the usual enemies of the tourists - those pretending to sell bracelets, etc in an attempt to get close to