Chania, a little jewel of a city in Crete
Chania is the 2nd largest city of Crete and to me, and thanks to its lovely old Venetian port and quaint ancient alley ways in the old town, it is far more aesthetic and charming than either the largest city, Heraklion, or the 3rd largest, Rethymnos. It not only has its own airport but also has the advantage of relative proximity to Crete's gorges - Samaria Gorge and Agia Irini Gorge, as well as Crete's most famous beaches such as Balos Beach and Elafonísi Beach - although coming from Australia's bountiful amazing beaches, they don't really impress me much considering how much effort one has to make to get to Balos beach - but still if one is enjoying the lovely Mediterranean summer then they are a welcome relief. If you want pics of these beaches, just search online and you will find millions I am sure. But for now, here are some of what I found to be charming in Chania in addition to the lovely friendly Cretan people and their many seaside restaurants. I used the Olympus OM-D E-M1