The new Panasonic LX100 II – large sensor 3x zoom compact camera
Most manufacturers have largely given up on the digital compact camera scene given that smartphones have essentially replaced their utility, while enthusiast photographers generally will go for an interchangeable lens mirrorless or dSLR camera for more versatility. Today, Panasonic has announced a version II upgrade of their 2014 original model LX 100 compact camera. Why would you consider buying it? Well there are some very good reasons indeed! Smartphones are great because you always have them with you and they provide adequate image quality for many purposes, but they are quite restricted in many aspects and the image quality and burst rates, and flash capabilities are not going to come close to what a large sensor digital camera like the LX 100 II can achieve. My Apple iPhone 6 only gives a field of view range of 30mm-150mm in full frame terms - so it never gets that wide, and the quality when you zoom it is debatable, not to mention it is slow to focus, and terrible image quality