The ask ashe Wishlist
Next up on the wishlist is an Angelic Fragrance. I was introduced to these amazing room fragrances by Nadia of Cupcake Couture, after she heard me whingeing about not being able to sleep. And since I got this little spray bottle of Sleep, I have slept like a mamba - right through the night! I'm now hankering after the Comfort Spray because today I have a pinched nerve in my neck {crikey, you'd think I was an olympic athlete the frikkin injuries I get, but I'm really a lazy ass!} There are a few fragrances in the range - each offers a blissful therapeutic support for everyday problems and ailments - so if you're lacking a peaceful sleep, or need an energy boost, or to pep up your concentration - Angelic Fragrances offer fragrant support to ease your symptoms. Each and every fragrance is individually mixed by hand with only 100% natural essential oils and sold in a lovely blue glass bottle. Prices range from R50 - R75 and they can either be bought at the I Heart Market or email for more details.