Palm Island in Chongqing | ArchiTravel
The Palm Island project is a series of five 'floating islands' situated in northern Chongqing, China, on the banks of Qing Nian Reservoir and the Palm Spring Geological Park Lake. The 'floating Islands' form a new hospitality precinct within the Palm Springs International Garden complex and include five restaurants and a teahouse. The design was inspired by the geography of Chongqing, which sits at the convergence of the mighty Yangtze River and Jialing River and the site conceptually and visually connects the reservoir and the lake. Water is the key design element, and, combined with careful consideration of light, creates ever changing reflections. Patrons at each restaurant enjoy views of natural water vistas on one side and a private 'water courtyard' on the other, integrated visually through the creation of an infinity pool-style water platform. This gives the architectural impression that the buildings are floating on water when viewed from afar. The elevated water platforms