The Pictures Between the Pictures
Easter has come and gone and I hope it's obvious our primary, over-arching focus was joining once again in the death, burial and resurrection of the Risen Lord. But let's all be honest with ourselves and admit as gifts are to Christmas so outfits are to Easter. True to form I was shopping at 11:00 pm Saturday night trying to find clothes in a color palette that coordinated enough to satisfy me without matching too much for the teenagers. You'd better believe after all that heartache I wasn't about to let the day get away without a few pictures. It didn't take long for Luke and I to decide the pictures between the pictures tell the truer Story of Us. Show me your best side. Not you, Bailey. That is inappropriate. You are embarrassing Sawyer. (Don't look, son.) It's important to clarify which kid you are talking to when instructing on how to stand like a girl.