Shin Splints for God
A couple of weeks ago our church began a new Bible study called Run for God that couples spiritual endurance-themed devotions with training for a 5 K which we will run together in April. The response has been overwhelming and in our tiny town our group looks like this: It is a given this picture delights me. It represents young and old, church members and community members, and those whose bodies hurt and don't hurt. The former outnumbers the latter if our groaned laps are any indication. I hear a splinter cell Bible study is being formed called, "Eating Cheez-Its for Jesus". It has legs. Flabby, cellulite-ridden legs but I'm becoming more and more comfortable with those because, y'all. My shins are ruined. It's my fault for running in bad shoes on concrete for the first week. Luke's knees are also a wreck so you can't even imagine the whining that is going on especially on Saturday mornings when we meet to train at 7:30 a.m. Luke and I are also trying to eat a