Metal Review – Vomitile: Mastering the Art of Killing
When it comes to Metal in the country of Cyprus, it's a very small community. But, that said, what groups exist are usually well worth taking note of. This region is where we find the Death Metal four-piece Vomitile. The band was formed in 2007, though at this point retains only two of its founding members. Bassist turned current vocalist Khatch Yildizian and guitarist Panos Larkou were joined in 2010 by drummer Hugo Olivos (former Hatevomit) and guitarist George Yildizian, replacing Mustafa Tangul and Yiannis Gregorious respetively following the release of their independent debut EP Rotting Life. 2013 found the group enlisted with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions to unleash their first full-length effort in January of that year, which was met with a mixed range of positive and negative feedback. Its been nearing two years since then, however, and Vomitile now find themselves on Cyprus' own Pitch Black Records to unleash their follow-up album, Mastering the Art of Killing. But is this one destined to be more of a break out release for the band, or does it leave you wanting more in all the wrong ways? Read more More Metal reviews