Void Moon: On the Blackest of Nights
Sweden's Doom Metal group Void Moon formed back in 2009. Wasting no time, they issued a self-titled demo in 2010, and another named The Mourning Son in 2011. In 2010, they also put out an EP titled Through the Gateway. But, for 2012, the band has signed with Cruz Del Sur Music to issue their debut full-length effort, On the Blackest of Nights, a nine song adventure through a dark, eerie early Doom Metal world. While the band is a four piece with little previous band experience, this group does include Thomas Hedlund (Autopsy Torment, former Pagan Rites, and many more) on drums. With expectations set to high, at least for the drum performance, does Void Moon manage a truly engrossing experience, or does On the Blackest of Nights end up a little less than inspiring? Read more More Metal reviews