Review – Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats: The Night Creeper
The success of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - or rather Uncle Acid and the deadbeats if you prefer the often used variation of the band's name - is one that is quite the staggering vision to witness. 2010 saw their limited debut release Volume 1 ignite such an appreciation in the doom metal communty to quickly grab the attention of Rise Above Records who not only reissued said album, but unleashed their second effort, Blood Lust, a year later. Two years passed and the highly successful Mind Control set a new benchmark for the doom/psych rock style as a whole, not to mention the band themselves. For 2015, the now trio (as credited in the booklet) of guitarist Yotem Rubinger, drummer Itamar Rubinger, and Uncle Acid himself (credited as Kevin R. Starrs in the physical retail version for all other instruments, song writing, and some production), have slipped their fourth album, The Night Creeper, onto store shelves everywhere seemingly under the radar. But is this a sign that there is distrust in the quality of this release somewhere, or is it one of their most mind blowing attempts yet?