The Amenta: Chokehold
Originally formed under the name Crucible of Agony, and issuing two demos, the Australian Industrial Death group Metal The Amenta officially came to be in 2002. Since then, they haven't done that much, as well as aren't that widely known a Metal act despite having previous efforts on their current known and respectable label, Listenable Records. They dropped their first release in 2002 with the Mictlan EP, which was followed with their 2004 full-length offering Occasus. Since then they issued another album in 2008 titled n0n, and another EP in 2011 named VO1D. Roughly a year later, they return with a brand new five song EP titled Chokehold. But, given the rather positive remarks of their previous ventures, will this be another strong recording for the fans, or is this just a typical rushed small release to keep the band's name afloat in the eyes of their loyal fanbase? Read more