Review – Tharaphita: Ülestõus
Estonian Pagan Black Metal band Tharaphita first formed back in 1993 under the title Ancestral Damnation. The name stuck for about two years, though nothing official was ever released under that moniker. In fact, upon switching in 1995, it took another two years before the band's first demo, Kui varjud põlevad, was to be released, followed by a second later on that year. Come 1998, Tharaphita independently issued their first full-length recording, Raev, which marked the start of this group's ascension to notoriety within their home country. Since then, two major changes occurred to the line-up that welcomed rhythm guitarist Benton (Rattler, Winter Night Overture) into the fold in 1999, but most recently bassist Brutalis in 2009. Today, there have been four albums total, another demo in 2008, an EP, as well as a compilation in 2009. After about six years of studio silence (seven if you don't count the aforementioned demo), the five-piece returned in 2014 with their much anticipated fifth studio album, Ülestõus, which was handled by Vaarang Records. But did this release deserve the praise and recognition, such as being nominated for