REVIEW – Ontborg: Within the Depths of Oblivion
Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy's own Ontoborg may have only formed in 2017, but right out the gate they are becoming a very strong force in the melodic death metal world. This is thanks to the group's powerhouse line-up of ex-members of Voices of Decay, Black Abyss, as well as Graveworm (including Florian who is still an active member of that act). Basically, this is a collection of people who helped make three powerful and overlooked groups who decided to team up and create something new. Two years later and welcome to their debut full-length album Within the Depths of Oblivion, which they have released independently in late May of this year through Bandcamp. But is it going to be another solid effort that goes unnoticed, or is this just a collection of potential that ends up criminally under utilized?