Review – Offal / Zombie Cookbook: Dementia Trash / Motel Hell
Brazil's Black Hole Productions presents a brand new split between two Death Metal bands from that very country who have been making waves throughout the underground for quite a while: Offal and Zombie Cookbook. The first of the two formed back in 2002 under the name Orgy in Extremens, making the name change in 2003. Since then, they has unleashed two full-length albums, as well as four splits, including this one. Meanwhile the latter came together in 2010, released their Cinetrash EP that year, as well as a single and debut studio album in 2012. For 2014, the band contributed two songs to this new split, which was later released that year as an independent EP. But, while both groups are gaining a loyal fanbase, are they really anything worth taking note of, or is the Dementia Trash / Motel Hell split even worth bothering with?